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Wellness 401k

A modern approach to workplace wellness.

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Motivate employees to live healthier lifestyles by connecting wellness with what matters most…health, family and future.

Wellness programs often start strong, but taper off as time goes by. Why? Successful wellness programs need fresh content and new initiatives regularly to keep employees engaged. However, this is a huge time commitment that often isn’t feasible for HR departments that are already spread thin.

Easy to Implement

Login to schedule a year’s worth of wellness programming in less than 15 minutes.

  • Upload employee email addresses
  • Quickly schedule wellness programming on the dates you choose
  • Sent directly to employees’ inbox
Vast Library of Content

Save time for HR with our amazing library of turn-key wellness content.

  • Huge library of insights, posters, videos and more to choose from
  • Sent directly to employees’ inbox throughout the year
  • No downloads or logins required for employees to engage
The Right Message

Motivate by focusing on what’s in it for employees, not the employer’s bottom line.

  • Shift focus away from health insurance costs
  • It’s about their family and future—this is what motivates!
  • Not about the company’s bottom line
Engage All Employees

Instead of demanding huge health overhauls, we encourage employees to make small investments in their health.

  • Designed so everyone can win
  • Focus on incremental positive changes
  • Always supportive and non-threatening
Private and Confidential

We overcome roadblocks to wellness participation by offering a private and confidential program.

  • No sharing of private health information
  • Make participation safe and comfortable for all
  • Win over traditionally skeptical employees
Create Better Outcomes

As employees adopt healthier behaviors, overall employee health will improve, reducing healthcare costs and boost productivity.

  • Support and enhance current wellness programing
  • Target risk factors that lead to poor health
  • Reduce healthcare costs and boost productivity
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Before, we had a hard time keeping our wellness program fresh. It's an awesome platform.

Cassandra M.Non-Profit, Detroit, MI

The content is amazing. The material really gets my employees thinking.

Tina S.Metal Shop, Milwaukee, WI

With over 300 employees, this platform makes it so easy for me to deliver wellness to our team. I love it. You will too.

Rachel N.General Contractor, Grand Rapids, MI

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